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Helix Spiro Drive Tie (aircrete)

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Thin Joint Construction


Helix Spiro (Drive) ties and associated products have been used in the building industry for over fifteen years.

Helix is constantly developing new products for the building industry.

The unique helical design of Helix with its 2mm fin enables excellent friction hold as the tie is driven in with a drive tool. As the Helix tie is driven by hammer blows it twists anti-clockwise as driven in creating a permanent hold.

Helix Spiro (Drive) Ties

Available in 5mm & 7.5mm widths with a material thickness of 2mm allowing a 2mm fin (see comparative dimensional and mechanical properties advantage sheet) Any length in 5mm & 7.5mm is available to suit various size cavities. The amount of helix protruding determines the embedment into the block (see test data for pull out strength)

Helix Insulation Discs

Insulation discs are fitted onto the tie, twist the discs down the tie to secure insulation board.

Helix Drive Tools

Custom crafted drive tools, to suit any size cavity, colour coded to suit different cavity sizes, allowing 50mm of Helix pretruding. Blue: Drive tool to suit 50mm cavity Red: Drive tool to suit 75mm cavity Green: Drive tool to suit 100mm cavity Drive tools also available for larger cavities.


Eftectively resists tension while accommodating shear and compression forces.

Allows for vertical and horizontal movement.

Accommodates an adjustable insulation retaining disc.

Has multiple drip points to prevent moisture transfer across the cavity.

Allows for variation in joint coursing between leaves.

Spiro Ties


Helix Spiro (Drive) tie installation is quick and easy, following these simple guidelines.


Helix Spiro (Drive) Ties are manufactured by a patented process from austenitic stainless steel type 304 to BS 1449. Helix Spiro (Drive) ties are made from 2mm thickness material and 5mm and 7.5mm in width.


Helix Fixings. 102 Hillside Crescent, Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 8PJ, UK.