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Helix Spiroties "Friction Fit"

cuts threaded channel to create strong hold.


The Helix Spiro (Dry) Tie is used for stabilisation of existing buildings. The system connects layers of masonry which simply involves driving the Helix tie . through the masonry, via a pilot hole creating a friction fix. The patented square end of the tie allows two cutting edges to cut through the masonry when driven by the Helix power drive tool.

Helix spiroties stainless steel wall tie solution

Helix Spiro (Dry) Ties

Available in 7.5mm widths with a material thickness of 2mm allowing a 2mm fin Any length in 7.5mm is available to suit various size cavities.

The unique design of the Helix drive tool recesses the tie allowing repair with matching mortar or matching brick dust.


Helix Drive Tool
Power (SDSJ Attachment or
Hammer Driven Tools

Helix drive tools for easy installation of the Helix ties.

Extension pieces for those longer length ties - (simply slides over front section of drive tool).

All types of drive tools available for different applications.

Fast installation!

Power or Manual hammer tools .

2mm fin cuts a strong hold in masonry.

Chisel edge provides excellent friction fix.

Applications for Helix Spiro (Dry) Tie


Helix Spiro (Dry) Tie installation is quick and easy, following these simple guidelines.

  •  Drill pilot hole, diameter depending on density of materials. Drill pilot hole to a predetermined depth, through masonry and into the backup material using a rotary percussion drill (3 jaw-chuck-type).
  • Load the Helix Spiro (Dry) Tie into the drive tool which is mounted to an electric hammer drill (SDS type).
  • The Helix Drive tool automatically recesses the tie into the face of the masonry
  • The pilot hole is colour matched to leave buildings unmarked.

Installation procedures are available along with products specifications for typical masonry stabilisation.

The Helix Superior Installation Method


Helix Spiro (Dry) Ties are manufactured by a patented process from austenitic stainless steel type 304. Helix ties are made from 2mm thickness material and 7.5mm in width.

The unique installation method of the patented square end creates an excellent hold allowing the method to be specified at all times ensuring a strong and permanent fixing.



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